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Terry Greene Clark

Terry Greene Clark's book, 

 demystifying College Admissions 3rd Edition

 released March, 2019.  

Click HERE to purchase 3rd Edition.

Also available for purchase at Wellesley Books, Yellow Umbrella BooksNew England Mobile Book Fair, Booksmith Musicsmith, and Brewster Bookstore. 


Have you started to think about college for your child and felt anxiety?

Have the all the pieces of the college application process become so overwhelming that they have paralyzed you? That is exactly how author, Terry Clark, felt in 2010 when her eldest daughter entered her junior year of high school.  It was only through extensive research into the mysteries behind those universities that she was able to gain a sense of confidence about the admissions process.  This single book will offer parents a simple guide, practical advice and real world experience, bringing together all of the information you need to know about the college matriculation process, from freshman year in high school to acceptance into college. Her research and personal experiences with her own three children and numerous nieces, nephews and family friends will provide you with a unique perspective on college admissions. The facts, simple steps, additional resources and reality checks in this book will empower you to take an active role in most effectively helping your teens find the colleges that are the best fit.  

Terry Greene Clark - Author