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Terry Greene Clark published demystifying COLLEGE ADMISSIONS, A Parent To Parent Guide

​                                                        Updated SEPTEMBER 2016

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Terry Greene Clark

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"The reality is there are several colleges out there for every student.  Believe It! Repeat it to yourself over and over again.  Let it offer you comfort on those long difficult days of uncertainty.  Know that this is true."

- Terry  Greene Clark

My Top Ten Recommendations to get started on the COLLEGE PROCESS

Step #1  Breathe!  Just Breathe!

Step #2  Look at this process as a marathon, not a sprint.

Step #3 Recognize that finding the right college will be work for both the parent and the student.

Step #4 Remember that where you start is not where you will end up!

Step #5 Goal is to find the BEST FIT for your student.

Step #6  Don't compare your teen to anyone else.  

Step #7 Begin exploring colleges locally.

Step #8  Utilize on line college guideresources including   College Scorecard, Princeton Review, Peterson's or Fiske.  

Step #9 Set up a separate email account.

Step #10​ Keep a record of the schools you visit.

BONUS: Meet weekly with your student.  

Terry Greene Clark - Author